June 4, 2019

RoadMap for the Future of WordPress Development


The future gives a fair picture based on the timeline that you have spent in the past. This is absolutely true when we talk about WordPress website design. When it comes to selecting the right Content Management System (CMS), nothing comes close to WordPress. The reason being, there are more than 76 million websites which include various famous websites and business profiles, not to forget personal and celebrity blogs that are based on this ingenious platform.

The most important thing that goes in favour of WordPress is the fact that it is available at a price that does not hurt your pockets. It is easy to learn and consists of customization processes, including multilingual support to GPL licensed nature. These are some of the best advantages of using this amazing platform. Naturally, this has made WordPress CMS the number one solution for millions of website owners and admins. The only loophole is that there are regular introductions and novelties that make this excellent platform more improved and refined. To ensure that your WordPress website is able to withstand the strong test to make your present and future scalable simultaneously, there is a need to visualise the future of WordPress.

The amazing part is that since WordPress is an open source project anyone can come forward and contribute towards making a positive impact on the future of WordPress. The framework is licensed under GLPv2, which gives the user the ability to alter and employ it without the need to pay anything. Amazing, isn’t it? These things ensure that WordPress has a bright future ahead.

In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will look at some of the prophecies which will come true in the near future of WordPress development in the year 2019 and beyond. We promise after reading this content piece you will be able to comprehend the direction in which WordPress development is going to shape in the years to come.

Before we look at the predictions it is time to focus on the events that took place in the year 2018 that have paved the way to a better future of WordPress development. In the year 2018, we saw the highly acclaimed release of WordPress 5.0. On top of this, we even saw the very first public release of Gutenberg, a contemporary editor for WordPress.

Without much ado, as promised let us now look at some of the prophecies that are deemed to pave way for the bright future of WordPress development.

The Extensive Usage of Gutenberg Editor

With the official release of Gutenberg editor, the cat is already out of the bag! With the help of this newly updated editor, developers will be able to get enhanced user and publishing experience. It is a revolutionary editor which will aid you to edit your web content and posts in WordPress. It has some new features and possibilities that developers will get a knack off in the near future. The amazing fact is, with the help of this ingenious editor you will be able to edit more content and get more image management controls with absolutely no coding. Can it get any better? As you can see there are loads full of advantages of utilising Gutenberg editor which people are going to utilise as time goes by.

A User Interface which is Extremely Easy to Use

In the near future, you can expect WordPress to have a better UI or user interface. This means that all the functions will be extremely user friendly and easy to access. It will also become effortless to comprehend and employ these functions into action. The other part of the equation is, the growing popularity of WordPress across the globe. It means that more and more non-technical people will be able to utilise WordPress UI. This will pave the way for a futuristic WP user interface which will be better user optimised.

WordPress will get Bigger and Better as Time Flies

One of the biggest revelations of WordPress development is the fact that it not only has a bright future as a publishing platform but also as an application framework. Reason? The REST API has opened new doors for WordPress developers. Several digital agencies and experts have the opinion of being enthusiastic in finding ingenious ways to utilise and develop REST API. This working direction in conjunction with the recent public release of Gutenberg paves way for a bright future of WordPress. This means that in the near future developers and publishers will have equal opportunities to utilise this working platform in the best possible way to avail more opportunities for both sides of the professions.

Better Multilingual Support

We all know the ease with which you can avail the services of translation through the WordPress platform. At present, there are several themes that are translation ready and plugins which are already translated in different languages. In the near future, it is expected that this facet of WordPress will improve vastly which will help users to get better multilingual support that they are getting at present from this platform.

A Far Greater Impact of the WordPress Community

Although, the WordPress community has already been a great contributor towards the growth of WordPress platform, in the years to come we will see the community reaching new highs. The WordCamps will continue to have a larger impact on the WordPress community as a whole. But, that does not mean that it will become mandatory for WordPress users to collaborate with the community. But, the one thing that the community has to deal with is the negative reviews received after the release of Gutenberg. Not everyone is happy with it. In fact, several website owners are disabling it and using the old editor. This needs to be addressed by the WordPress community in the time to come.

The Road Ahead

In this write-up, we have seen some of the prophecies that are going to have a major impact on the future of WordPress development in the times ahead. To take advantage of the future of WordPress development it is the right time to collaborate with an experienced WordPress development company and take advantage of the fruitful times to come in the near future!

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