August 13, 2018

Start Your Own Hosting Business with Reseller Hosting

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Thinking of setting up a web hosting business? Then you are in the right place. By the end of this article, you will discover the best platform for hosting your business needs.

Having an online presence is quite essential on today’s date. Every business needs a website. Running a web hosting company can be quite an expensive business. Because a web hosting provider will need a data center, a dedicated support team, server maintenance, security, backups and a lot more. This is why reseller hosting is one of the best opportunities without much of an investment which can help you set up your own web hosting company.

What exactly is Reseller hosting and how does it work?

As a reseller hosting provider one can provide web hosting service to their clients without actually manufacturing the services or much of an investment. Once you buy reseller hosting service from your web hosting provider, you can rent out a portion of your server space to customers of your own. A portion of bandwidth and disk space of your server will be allocated among your customers.

MilesWeb offers Linux and cheap Windows reseller hosting for their clients that help you meet complete needs of your end clients. They let you create sub-accounts under your own reseller account. These sub-accounts run as separate web hosting accounts and have their own control panel, disk space, bandwidth and email accounts. You also get WHM panel access to manage these sub-accounts.

How to Get Started?

  1. Design a website: Design a website that will present all the web hosting packages and its features and other information.
  2. Select the hosting provider: Pick a hosting provider that meets the needs of complete web hosting. Also, look for one that offers great speed, reliable technical support, and better security. Our recommendation- Choosing this platform as your reseller hosting provider, you can get reseller hosting plans at economical prices with high performing servers.
  3. Select the Plan and Sign Up: Once you decide the best reseller hosting provider, choose the plan according to the number of accounts you need or might need once you expand. The sign-up process is pretty simple, right after you fill in your details and make the payment you will receive the login credentials.
  4. Brand Your Reseller Account: It lets you add your own branding under their reseller account. So that you can resell their services as if it is your own web hosting company.
  5. Decide the Prices- You can set your own prices to the web hosting plans and earn the profit you desire. Make sure you check out the prices in the market before you decide them. They will also give you reseller hosting with WHMCS that helps in billing and support request handling.

Benefits  of using MilesWeb reseller Hosting

  • Free Web Host Manager

Managing all your sub-accounts could be quite distressing. To help you come up with this, a free tool to manage all these sub-accounts without any hassle is provided. Using this tool you can easily reset passwords, check server status, change the username of your clients, domain names etc.  

This tool is absolutely free and user-friendly that helps you manage all your client accounts from one single account.

  • Free Domain Reseller

Do you want to resell domain names too along with web hosting? You can sell over 400 extensions and TLDs that too at your own pricing with your own branding. With their given customized tools it’s quite simple to sell domains.

There are no additional charges to use their domain reseller tool. You will get all that you need to sell the domains.

  • Free SSL

Every website under your own reseller account can avail the benefit of free SSL certificate. It provides free SSL certificate to your clients as well. With the help of SSL certificate on can keep his site secure. This helps to build up trust in their website visitors.

  • White Labeled

MilesWeb gives you the ability to resell their hosting services under your own brand name, this makes them white labeled reseller hosting provider. As a MilesWeb’s reseller hosting provider you can add your own brand name and logo to sell their web hosting services. This type of autonomy makes you resell their services as if it is your own company.

Because MilesWeb is a white labeled reseller hosting provider anyone such as Website design developer, designer, entrepreneur or small business owner can start their own hosting business with their own brand name.

  • Choose your data center location

You probably have heard about how SEO gets affected due to the page load speed of your website. Yes, that’s true, if your data center is situated at a different location and your target audience is at the opposite location then your website’s SEO rankings may suffer.

Keeping this in mind, the company has made it flexible for their reseller hosting clients to choose the location of their data center. You can choose your own server from India or US.

  • Price Point

To provide you with the most affordable plans, they are currently offering a discount on their unlimited reseller hosting plans. The Pluto plan offers a discount of 20% after which the discounted rate is Rs.640/mo. While the Mars and Jupiter Plans are offering 30% and 50% discount reciprocally. The discounted price of Mars is Rs.980/mo and that of Jupiter is Rs.950/mo.

In Pluto Reseller Plan you get free WHMCS with free domain reseller and SSL certificate including unlimited disk space, unlimited mail accounts, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL DB. 25 domains can be hosted with this plan.

With Mars Reseller Plan, you can host 100 domains along with Free SSL, Free WHMCS, Free Domain reseller account, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts and unlimited MySQL DB.

Jupiter Reseller Plan lets you host 200 domains under your reseller account along with free domain reseller account, Free SSL, Free WHMCS, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, unlimited disk space, and unlimited MySQL database.


Reseller hosting is the best way to watch your bank account grow while with just little efforts. If you are already a developer/ designer, this business will prove to be more beneficial to you. Because this add-on will make your package look more like an all-rounder one. This can give you the advantage to stand out from your competitors.

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