February 21, 2022

The Battle of the Best: WordPress vs Wix!


It is smart to discuss the pros and cons of technologies to understand their efficiency for your business. When it comes to making an online presence, it is important to go in-depth and ensure you are going on the right path. 

We will be looking into WordPress vs Wix. They are two leading website-building tools for the business. 

Let us dive in to explore the difference between WordPress vs Wix!

What is WordPress?

It is an open-source CMS (Content Management System). The tool is specifically for individuals with no coding experience who want to build websites or blogs. It does not cost anything, which means anyone can install, use, and modify. 

In the beginning, it was mainly used to build blogs, but now the software has improved, and you can create any type of website. Like business websites, professional portfolios, e-commerce stores, and mobile applications. 

The unique features of this tool are: 

  • Easily handle your content with a great interface and features. It gives you the freedom to log in from modern browsers and make changes without dealing with any codes. 
  • Users can edit the images, files, links, text, and other media files in the content pages anytime. There are no restrictions on the pages, products, and posts. 
  • The built-in blogging and category management helps add easily, edit, remove, and update the content as required. 
  • Posts are scheduled for certain dates and times. This helps to create content ahead and publish them later. 
  • Using the control features, you can easily restore the deleted page content and even roll back the page to previous versions. 
  • An open-source platform provides a compatible environment with great features and functionalities. 

What is Wix?

It is best for small, personal, or business websites that focus on the content. Website builders get the freedom to add style and ideas. The platform has a powerful editor that helps you drag and drop elements in the website’s layout. 

The amazing features of this platform are:

  • It has a drag and drops editor that lets the developer build a website effortlessly 
  • There are more than 500 templates that need to be edited as per business requirements
  • The entire platform is incredibly fast and has great loading speed for each element 
  • The design and management of the blog is simple and user-friendly, with a dashboard 
  • It helps create an SEO plan and provides help to optimize the website for search engines. 
  • Wix gives a mobile version to the website to provide great user accessibility

What are the Differences between WordPress vs Wix?

It would help if you considered many factors when you understand the difference between WordPress vs Wix. Let us look at some of them: 

1. Usage 


It is a user-friendly website developing tool. It does not require any coding. Wix is an ideal platform for non-technical users. 


It has a steep learning curve, not a good choice for beginners. Users need basic coding knowledge to integrate the best features and functionalities. 

2. Design and Customization 


There are around 800 professionally designed templates. But you cannot switch the templates without redesigning the website. 


There are limitless choices to give your website great looks only if you have advanced coding skills. You can use WordPress themes for an easier solution and customize it accordingly. 

3. Apps and Plugins 


Limited customization, but all the features are controlled and monitored to ensure they work perfectly. 


It is highly customizable and flexible, but handling custom tools or plugins can be complicated.

4. Ecommerce Platform


It has built-in sales features in multiple ecommerce plans. It is considered perfect for selling products. 


You must install plugins to build an online store. It is better for ecommerce websites or users that deal with bulk products. 

5. Blogging Tool


It supports categories, mobile blogging, tagging, and contributing authors. 


This also supports categories, tagging, featured images, private posts, and post backdating. 

6. Ongoing Maintenance 


It does not allow external developers to control its aspects on the platform. This manages the updates and maintenance for the platform. 


It requires regular maintenance of the website. If there are updates for the platform, plugins, or themes, the user must manage them. A WordPress Development Company can track the website and maintain it to ensure a smooth user experience. 

7. Help and Support 


It has a dedicated team and organized tutorials to make it easier. You also get help through email or phone. 


It has a large community forum that might not be well organized. You might get an inconsistent response to your queries. 

8. Themes 


It has over 500 themes, which is good for a website builder. Wix has a smaller section, but you will find a piece that is compatible with the great features of your website. 


This has 11,000+ themes in its library. This means WordPress has a wider selection, but you might encounter compatible issues where you need to debug the code. It has amazing tools to customize the elements as per your requirements.  

9. SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is the process that helps to enhance your visibility. 


It has all the crucial SEO features that help gain better rankings for the website. Like you can add meta titles and descriptions, structured data, Alt tags, redirects, and more attributes with built-in SEO features. 


The flexibility of this platform is higher with the wide range of plugins for managing advanced SEO. They help in content optimization, internal link building, rank tracking, schema generation, and more. Here, it would help if you considered to hire WordPress developer to make your platform SEO-friendly with the right strategies.

10. Blogging


It allows adding a blogging section on the website easily. It includes basic features like categories, tags, photos, archives, videos, and more. Users install third-party tools to handle these tasks. 


This platform started as a blogging platform and now evolved to build a completely functional website. You can extend the blogs using various plugins and add any feature effortlessly. 

11. Website Functionality


The website functionality can be extended using Wix apps. There are more than 300 applications that provide great marketing tools and resources to enhance performance. 


This is known as the virtually unlimited functionality powered by plugins and extensions. 

You are now aware of the basic difference between WordPress vs Wix, but it is vital to know the place where they excel! 

What are the Benefits of Using WordPress and Wix?


  • It is free of cost, which means you can access unlimited resources. It has self-hosted, where you need to handle the hosting fees, maintenance, and security. While in the managed hosting, someone else will take the hosting, maintenance, and security. 
  • When you need to have a place to handle images, text, or more, it is easier on WordPress. It has a small hosting package that lets you host a small WordPress account that can get around 25,000 visitors each month. 
  •  It has a wide collection of themes to make your website design interactive and engaging. You can change the styles and layouts without dealing with any coding. The premium themes give you additional capabilities like mobile-responsive or SEO. 
  • Adding the website content is simple without putting effort into coding and design. There are pre-defined themes that mean all the design is already done and pre-installed. 
  • All the platforms need to update and maintain the content regularly to provide a great user experience. With the WordPress website, you can update the theme, plugins, and more in seconds. 
  • It gives you the freedom to sell the products and services effortlessly with the help of plugins and extensions. WordPress helps add features like payments, a smooth checkout process, faster page loads, multiple language support, and more.  


  • The platform introduces new designs in the template library. There is no shortage of choices in the platform that matches your business requirements. 
  • It is beginner-friendly, so non-developers can easily build a fully functional website. It provides intuitive and easy-to-understand editing tools. 
  • It has an AI-based website design that helps to build a website. Artificial Design Intelligence will prompt you with simple questions related to a website you need to create. ADI will select from billions of design combinations and elements to build a fully professional and custom. 
  • It is its built-in ecosystem of the applications that can be installed to add new features and functionalities to the website. These apps make the process much more effortless. 
  • Wix has a massive help centre and knowledge with tutorials and instruction. It also offers phone or email support to provide a great customer support

The Final Note!

The war between WordPress vs Wix has been going on for years. The final take depends on your requirements and expectations from the tool. If you have an experienced team like Elsner, you might want to go with WordPress to unlock advanced features for your platform. While if you plan to have a basic platform, then Wix might be the right choice.

Connect with us now! To explore the best of both worlds.

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