March 25, 2017

Top Comprehensive Ways To Optimize Your Magento Store To Increase Mobile Sales


The smartphone is, no doubt, has brought unlocking opportunities, whether it is communication, entertainment or online shopping. Being a marketer, one cannot ignore the importance of it. In the recent survey, 6.7 billion people use smartphone and 50.3% smartphone users do online shopping through the smartphone. The ratio is 0.7% higher than the PC or laptop users. Hence, the best Magento optimisation is one of the important parts of achieving higher conversion rate. Let’s check out some of the comprehensive ways to optimise Magento e-commerce store to increase sales through mobile devices.

Make Sure The Store Is Mobile-Friendly

Fine user interface; smooth functioning; Easy process and comfortable browsing facility are some of the things, which users look first while online shopping. Therefore, the Magento JavaScript and CSS must be compressed and combined with some useful extension. Magento developers have to make a checkout process as simple as it can be as most of the smartphone users don’t like to go through sluggish and lengthy checkout process. Again, don’t be dependent on the dependent on the default Magento checkout. Moreover, the call-to-action button should be clearly visible, how it must not cramp the user-experience.

Attract Mobile Users Through Social Media

Almost all mobile and tablet users are connected to Social Media Channels. Hence, a little effort can increase mobile audience. Let’s check out.

  • Care To Be Taken For Landing Page
  • Paid search and display advertising
  • Use Magento extensions get a better mobile-friendly experience
  • Social Media advertising
  • Special coupons
  • Social Connection & Trend

Some of the occasions like Black Friday and Christmas are largely celebrated by the people across the world. People shop with an open hand during the festive occasions. Most of them do through mobile only. Therefore, with help of comfortable Magento extension, the goal of higher mobile conversion can be achieved.

Mobile App

This is, no doubt, one of the most convenient and affordable ways to increase mobile sale. A lot of things can be done to increase mobile sale. Let’s take for examples, users feel connected through the app; notification boosts mobile sale and so much more. However, an app should be optimised with some useful Magento extensions.


Check out should be done in less than 3 clicks

Easy to browse and collect information about quote and others.

Note: A plenty of new Magento optimisation can be explored to improve and increase mobile sale. If you come across any new and worth knowing optimisation tip, do share here in the comment box.

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