January 18, 2024

Unlocking the secrets: Discovering the Future of SEO in 2024


This decade is going to witness some whopping advancements with respect to the SEO aspects. As observed so far in 2024, SEO is now becoming more user-centric than ever. As a brand, when you hire an SEO company, you are expected to stick to an even more ethical and technical approach towards it. 

Now, why is SEO expected to change its tracks and get on a better path this year? Well, the strong answer to it is the introduction of AI! As search engines are now powered with AI, they are now understanding user intents even better. This way, better results are delivered to the users. 

Therefore, as search engines have changed their way of ranking the relevance of a site’s content, your SEO practices must also be tweaked to align with it. For you to better relate, take the example of Google, as it has now implemented the E-E-A-T (Experience- Expertise- Authoritativeness- Trustworthiness) rule for ranking the websites on its SERPs. 

It means the site content will be crawled to determine if these four factors align with the user’s intent. Thus, it is an initiative that is urging brands to use more ethical ways of producing content and ensure it is of high quality. Moreover, AI tools like ChatGPT are also shaping the SEO factors to be even more conversational. 

There are a lot of such trends that are scaling the SEO benchmarks for your company. So, as a smart business owner, you ought to learn about these secrets that derive SEO’s future in 2024 and beyond.

What are the Top 3 SEO Trends in 2024?

If you are to hire an SEO company in Australia anytime soon, do read this article entirely before discussing your project with them! It is because when you are aware of the latest trends, you will be able to demand the right kind of service to adhere to them all. Here are some of the latest SEO trends for you to count on:

1. Google SGE (Search Generative Experience)

To start with the trends, let’s explore the perks of Google’s SGE, which is an AI-powered solution that enhances the search experience for users. With this being introduced, a lot of search queries on Google are addressed with AI-generated results. Such results appear above the organic results on the SERPs. 

Over time, when the AI-generated results for the search queries will get more attention than that of the organic results, it will completely change the way how users tend to interact with Google. In accordance with that, this shall also change the way how the sites optimise their web pages to generate more traffic and engagement. 

With SGE being integrated, user interactions will be enhanced as clear and concise answers will be provided against the search queries. Moreover, this trending solution by Google also provides a conversational as well as a visual engagement model. These responses are like snapshots or prompts that give the most relevant answer. 

With this trend, people are slowly shifting towards a more interactive as well as user-friendly internet search experience. SGE comes with an algorithm that anticipates and understands the needs of the users. Now, the company you hire for availing SEO service in Australia, should try and make your website be spotted by this AI model as a relevant result for the associated search queries. 

The AI-generated results by SGE will still provide certain links to the relevant resources or websites. So, it is better to have a content strategy that will influence, even the AI model, to rank your snippet as a relevant answer to the query or add your link as a relevant resource.

2. Zero-Click Searches

The next trend in the list is Zero-Click searches. As the name suggests, it means that users are now making searches and getting their relevant answers without the need to click on any given results. As per a review by Semrush, around 57% of mobile and desktop searches end up without registering and clicking on a paid or organic result on the SERPs. 

Now, why aren’t people clicking on any result, and how are they getting the relevant answers by just searching and not clicking? Well, there are various reasons why the Zero-Click shares are increasing, some of which include:

  • Local Business Information:

Google works towards enhancing the experience of the users at all times. Therefore, it provides all the basic information about local businesses on the SERP itself, such as contact details, business hours, location, etc. This way, users don’t feel the necessity to visit the website or click on a result anymore!

  • Faster Conversions or Relevant Answers:

Among all types of searches, some of them are on unit or currency conversions, such as kilometres to miles or INR to USD. Such searches are answered right on the SERPs using Google’s dedicated quick conversion tool. Therefore, people don’t have to go to any website or click on any result to get their answers.

  • Celebrity or Public Figure Data:

When you search for some public figure or a celebrity, basic information is derived from the knowledge panel, such as their age, occupation, career works, date of birth, etc. In such cases, the searches are registered as part of Zero-Click shares.

Whether you are in search of dedicated SEO for dentists, real estate agents, IT services or any other business domain, Zero-Click shares might affect your efforts in some way or the other. To prepare for this, what you can do is instruct your SEO company to modify the strategy and focus on more secured snippets, just for the queries that might not result in clicks.

You need to secure a feature snippet for most of the informational keywords that relate to your brand or website intent. It doesn’t matter if you are in search of SEO services for real estate agents, dentists or any other business professionals; following this rule will help set you in a prime position to beat the rise of Zero-Click shares.

3. Video SEO

There is a big opportunity open for online businesses as creating video content to make it rank higher on Google SERPs as well as on YouTube is a thriving opportunity! As per a report by Statista, the count of digital video viewers was more than 3.5 billion by the end of 2023. And this count is not going to drop anytime soon in 2024 or beyond! 

As per the internet’s progress, people are more into sharing videos with their friends or peers than any other type of content. A lot of businesses are already adopting video marketing practices to scale their brand reach to wider audiences. Not just the brands but even consumers believe that they feel more enticed to buy a product when they see a video of it. 

Therefore, when you hire an SEO or PPC company in Sydney, you should enquire about their proficiency in video marketing strategy. It is because you cannot just hire experts to record or shoot a random video and put it up for SEO. You will need a proper plan because a lot of videos are coming over the internet, and some might be from your competitors, too. 

To ensure your video is the one that gets the audience’s attention and wins in terms of SEO aspects on Google, let your SEO company decide on a reliable strategy. With ideal execution, you can ensure that the audience interacts with your video content and feels enticed enough to keep coming back for more.

The SEO experts you hire must be proficient with using the keyword research tool for YouTube and find all the relevant terms or phrases for being used in descriptions, tags, video titles and tags. This way, your video discoverability will increase, and so will your SEO success!

Which SEO Strategies Are Meant to Work Well in 2024?

Now that you are aware of some of the master SEO trends in 2024 let’s get an idea of what strategies will work well for your site to attain good organic traffic and conversions:

  • Exceptionally Good Content:

Your SEO experts should help you create some of the best quality content pieces, better than what’s already available over the internet, based on your niche or domain. 

  • More of Linking and Backlinking

Hire the best link-building services in Australia, as it remains the major SEO activity, even in 2024. Links, irrespective of whether they are hyperlinks or backlinks, will continue to help search engines crawl or index your site. 

  • Voice Search Optimization

The users are now leveraging Google’s voice search feature, and this utilisation rate will increase even more in 2024. Therefore, voice search optimisation can bring SEO success for businesses.

Parting Words

This is the ultimate showdown of all trends and strategies that are going to define the future of SEO in 2024 and years beyond it. Brands are now even more competitive in order to bring in organic traffic to their site. Amidst such a tight market, if you want to scale your business and make it stand out of the crowd, your SEO company, Australia, will have to stick to the market trends and demands. 

By keeping the trends in mind and utilising the strategies, you will be able to mark a good growth pace for your brand in the online marketing arena. So, if you haven’t changed your SEO approach in 2024 yet, now is the time to make the move!


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