March 18, 2019

Utilize the Power of Magento 2 (A Global eCommerce Solution) in 2019


Are you happy to find a fancy product online? Yes.

But disappointed when the e-tailer doesn’t ship to your doorstep?

This is the problem faced by millions of enthusiastic online buyers from eCommerce stores.

With hordes of eCommerce stores, the industry is booming with startups, high-street retailers and manufacturers, everyone wants to get in. Do you want to build one for yourself?

Remember, before diving into the eCommerce bandwagon, you need to finalize a platform on which you want to start with. eCommerce is more than what you ever thought and is ever expanding at least for 2019 and beyond.

People are looking forward to having a great omnichannel shopping experience. Magento 2 platform is at the exact pace of delivering the best possible shopping experience.

Shifting to global eCommerce will be a benefit for the E-tailers with the skyrocketing number of site conversions.

A journey towards making Global eCommerce :

For selling products globally, it is necessary to give your business an international exposure and understand the importance of advertising.  You need to adopt to the local languages and optimize the store so that it appears on the top of the search engines.

When it comes to becoming Global eCommerce, it is important to get in the stream of a multicultural environment. Undoubtedly you can contact Magento development services in Sydney to explore the maximum benefits for the business.

The wide range of exceptional features of Magento 2 that can make your eStores reach international levels are:

Quick and Improved Development:

Your online store needs numerous extensions to be integrated for providing a seamless experience. Magento offers almost 5000+ extensions and being an open source, it speeds up the development process.  The logging, security and customization process are also improved to a large extent.

Loading Speed:

Magento 2 has accelerated the site loading speed by almost 50% as compared to Magento 1. It contains Varnish caching and hence super fasts the loading speed. It offers new upgrades on carts and indexers making the platform a bandwagon in the eCommerce market.

Open Source:

This is the best advantage an incredibly feature-rich platform can offer. The work of developers is made easy as it offers a wide range of templates and extensions.

International-SEO optimization:

Going global requires the eStore to offer a multi-currency and multi-lingual feature on the eCommerce sites.  In providing this, the SEO potential may be disturbed. But Magento 2 has in-built functionality to optimize SEO by following SEO guidelines.

Rugged Security:

Frauds are increasing in the eCommerce industry and many platforms are unable to distinguish between a genuine order and a scammy order. Magento 2 offers security for multiple levels and every transaction.

The security process is able to analyze all orders and also reject the ones found scammy.

Customizable and Responsive:

Every industry, be it fashion, travel, health etc need to customize the eCommerce store. Magento 2 platform avails every type of customization and offers plugins to enhance functionalities.  Being responsive to every platform, it is accessible across all platforms and browsers.

Advanced Reporting:

The dynamic and user-friendly reporting feature facilitates creating customized dashboards. You can include all the details related to customers purchase, orders or shopping trends at one place. The platform also allows to sign up for Magento Business Intelligence website features.

Store replica on Social Media:

Social media platforms drive millions of eyeballs every day.  And Magento 2 allows you to create a replica of your store on Facebook. Isn’t it amazing?

Built-in B2B Features:

Magento 2 platform has embedded account management function in the system itself. B2B business dealers can easily manage quotes and catalogs from their own personal dashboard and this procedure is no more costly and complicated.

You should know and analyze your business requirement and then select the platform. By selecting Magento 2, you can always tap into the support community of more than 500,000 certified partners.  

Magento allows you to think of out-of-box possibilities for making your store work exceptionally well.  Shifting global shall bring a good visible hike in traffic to your eCommerce store.

Hire Magento developer in Melbourne who is well versed with the latest trends shall help you best in developing a powerpact Magento eCommerce Store. Thumbs up to the above-mentioned Magento 2 features.

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