October 16, 2020

What is PWA and Why do Magento Websites Need PWA?


What is PWA?

The Progressive Web Application is built from web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You can easily take help from any Magento Development Company and turn your website into PWA using some clever plugins. It can build native applications that have offline support, push notifications, supported devices, and more. The PWA is not a web application or a framework; it is the perfect blend of mobile application programming and web programming. 

There are three basic requirements for every PWA:

  • – Faster responses and user interactions
  • – Can handle poor network connections 
  • – Give a seamless user-experience

There are many reasons to have a Progressive Web Application as it has so many features.  It makes web apps more interactive and easily accessible by mobiles. 

Some Advantages of having PWA:

  • 1. Offline support
  • 2. Better performance and speed
  • 3. Secure platform
  • 4. Push Notifications
  • 5. Build a bridge between websites and mobile application
  • 6. No rejections from the play store
  • 7. SEO friendly

This shows how beneficial it is to have PWA in your Magento platform.  Magento and PWA together can bring many supportive features and functionalities to your e-commerce website. 

Adding power to Magento store with PWA

The developers understand that users are dependent on digital media to fulfill their necessities. As an experienced Magento developer, they try to give the best user experience and reach the customer’s expectations. Magento launched the PWA features and enables users to access the rich-shopping experience online. PWA strengthens the platform by maintaining and developing the PWA storefront into an existing Magento store. 

Get a toolbox that catches the developer’s attention:

Application Shell

The app shell is known as the basic look of a PWA that is presented using a minimal amount of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS while the rest of the page is fetched using API. 

Service Workers

These are used to cache data and retrieve useful information from the users. 


The specification section where developers query and manipulate the data to get the exact information that users ask.

CSS Module 

This helps in changing smaller parts of the UI at ease and makes the task effortless for developers. 

Critical Path

The browser renders JavaScript, HTML, and CSS files for displaying the website, so one must set a critical path for browsers. It means optimizing the path that the browser will intake for rendering.

Magento and PWA Benefits

Mobile Commerce

Searching for results on mobile phones is preferred by a huge crowd and they want the ease of access to various services. The users of smartphones are increasing and having a PWA increases the chances of engaging more traffic. M-Commerce is gaining attention globally and provides high returns to the owners.

Developing a Mobile Application may be a hectic task and might have high rates for development but converting a website into PWA is known as the most affordable way. Magento developers, Melbourne prefer PWA as it has a single base code for both the website and mobile platforms. This helps developers to update or modify the application faster and maintain the platform in the long-term. 

No Device Restrictions

The PWA is written using basic programming languages namely CSS, HTMS, and JavaScript that means it has a web connection. This lets the users browse the PWES through major browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. This also saves the user’s time that they usually invest in installing applications on their devices.

Moreover, PWA can be placed on the home screen with few clicks and takes less space as compared to native applications. To be precise the PWA gets rid of device restrictions and gives customers the freedom of access through their mobile devices.      

Surfing in the Offline Mode

It is very clear that no user wants to wait more than a few seconds for page loads and that can decrease the conversion rates of your e-commerce store. Magento development process should ensure that the page loads are faster and give a seamless user experience. Reduced PLT helps in engaging more traffic and improve website performance. PWA also handles the network traffic and gives a secure connection over the HTTPs. This helps in giving a secure platform and protects data in both offline and online mode. 

Make it more SEO-Friendly

It is very important to have an SEO-friendly platform to have a higher ranking in Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as it grabs more attention. The Magento website and PWA are based on a single code and it can be easily optimized. Having a PWA increases your chances of digital visibility and engages with more audiences. You need to research more about the SEO guidelines and implement them on your platform.   

Push Notifications 

Every owner wants a personalized and powerful marketing tool or pushes notifications. PWA does take users’ consent to send push notifications and sends them through the EventListener. App notifications can easily engage user’s attention by giving real-time updates on any services like order details, shipping status, promotional offers, discounts, and new arrivals. You need to hire a Magento developer to maintain the correct process for notification and can easily increase the brand value. 

Why does Magento PWA matter?

The combination of a Magento website and Progressive Web Applications is known as the next big thing in mobile web applications. This saves the developer’s time in building different websites and applications for platforms like iOS and Android. With the introduction of PWA you don’t have to add more efforts to the development process, saving you from investing in hiring different developers for mobile and website. 

As a developer, PWA has a new frontend architecture that allows building the PWA with a Magento store and managing the data with a single code base, one deployment, and application. It has modern browser functionalities like service workers that run in the background which is responsible for cache material, pulling notifications, and storing the necessary data. It also supports special features like full-screen mode, secure payment gateway, one-step checkout process, and offline mode.  

All this discussion and what happens if you miss an important functionality? Hire a Magento development company and build a strong and unique e-commerce platform that is compatible with all devices. You can reach us to get the best development services, support, and maintenance as long as you need it.

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