January 1, 2021

What is Webmaster Tools in SEO?


It is a free service that helps in evaluating and maintaining website performance in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It is available for every website owner that wants to get information from the largest search engine. This helps in providing insights about the website and helps in improving the performance by fixing the issues. SEO Company can help you to monitor website performance using Webmaster tools:

  • – Google can access the content on the website 
  • – Tools help in submitting new pages and posts for Google to crawl
  • – The content is delivered and evaluated to provide a more visual experience to the users
  • – Maintain the website without affecting its presence in the search engine 
  • – Webmaster tools help in discovering and eliminating malware or spam problems

How to set the Google Webmaster Tools?

Uploading the HTML file 

SEO Company Melbourne can help in adding a file with a specific name provided by Google that has to be uploaded into the root directory of the website. It is a blank file with the only purpose of proving that you have the access to the website’s FTP server and drop a file where they need to. You just need to click the “verify” button in the GWT which will have access to the data. 


Adding the HTML tag

Google provides a meta tag that can be added to the header of your homepage. Click the “Verify” button to view data once it is placed on the homepage. 

Select Provider of your Domain 

Google gives you the freedom to select the domain name of the website from its drop-down list. Google provides a walkthrough to verify the website.   

Use Google Tag Manager

This helps in entering and managing the tracking tags for the website using Webmaster tools. 

Important Strategies to Handle the SEO of the Website

Submitting a Sitemap to Google 

Many SEO services will work on making a sitemap for the website to help Google in the indexing. Search Engines crawl into the website using automated software to find the search index. It has a huge database from which it gets into the search engines. SEO Company Melbourne can help in indexing the website content correctly and all the pages on the website that will be submitted using Google Search Console. 

Keyword Analysis

There are many SEO tools available in the Google Search Console to understand the usage of keywords on the website. This helps in gaining more website traffic by using the correct keywords in the content. One can also get information related to the CTR (Click-Through Rate) for the search queries and understand how users reach your website and the most successful page using organic search.  

Internal and External Links to your Site 

This feature GSC displays internal and external links your website receives and their strengths.

Structured Data Report

This helps in understanding the concepts that Google chooses to decide while adding the website in rich snippets of search results. This is extremely important for the website to get into the featured snippet or zero position in the search engines as it increases the visibility and engagement of users. This analysis helps in working on the weaker sections and improves them to gain Google organic traffic. 

Important KPIs to access SEO performance:

  • – SEO Company focuses on getting organic traffic as this is a strong SEO strategy. Organic search traffic helps in driving significant conversions for the website. 
  • – SEO Services use the keyword ranks to integrate valuable keywords to improve business rankings in Google. 
  • – Backlinks help in improving your positions in the search engines. SEO Company helps in maintaining the backlink portfolio to make it better for search results. A quality website is important if you plan for building campaigns using some backlink.  
  • – There are tools to metrics of the website to track the performance of the website. It also helps in fixing technical issues to make the website more user-friendly. 
  • – Content Engagement metrics are important to handle the bounce rates, click-through rate, and time on the website. Google analytics help in giving advanced reports that display improvements on the website. 


We have shared some of the important things related to the SEO strategies using Webmaster tools. E-Commerce business needs various content marketing strategies to make it user-friendly, responsive, and create brand awareness. 

Webmaster tools provide useful information on the website. Sometimes people get confused with the different opportunities SEO gives and miss out on some of the key points. Using important KPIs and webmaster tools one can track the progress and generate a report about the data on the website. You will need a professional SEO company that can help in making strong SEO strategies for the website using various tools provided by Google.

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