December 4, 2020

What is WordPress Development & Why Use WordPress Developers?


There are many CMS available in the digital world but WordPress has become many business owners’ favourite. Whether you are planning to start a small-scale or large-scale website for your business WordPress can handle everything. CMS is a tool that makes managing important aspects of the website without any knowledge of programming.  

What is WordPress Development? 

It is a web publishing software that can be used to develop websites and blogs. WordPress developers will tell you that it is the easiest and most flexible to start a website for beginners. You can build and manage your website features without being an expert in coding. Select a trustworthy hosting company that can maintain and monitor your WordPress website. 

Some Interesting Features of WordPress are:

Display and Hide Things using Screen Options 

In the WordPress admin area, you can see the screen options button on some pages. This allows you to show and hide items on the WordPress screen that is currently visible. This feature simplifies your admin pages like the post edits screen.                                     

Add, Move, and Delete Widgets

The users are generally redirected to the dashboard page when they log in. It has several shortcuts pointing to different sections of the website. You can drag and drop the dashboard widgets to rearrange them in the dashboard.            

Accessibility for Widgets

WordPress Development Company will be aware of the hidden accessibility mode for widgets. This makes it easier to add widgets without dragging and dropping the items in the dashboard. 

Live Preview without activation

Website owners are generally worried about the consequences of changing their WordPress theme. WordPress allows you to test a new theme without activating it. Once you install the theme, go to the install theme’s thumbnail and click on Live Preview. WordPress will display the theme customizer with the preview of your website with the new theme. 

Edit Images 

WordPress developer Sydney can help you in adding images and posting them on your pages. It has some basic features to edit images from the Media section. In the editing mode, you can crop, resize, flip, and rotate images.  

Split Single Post into multiple pages 

Thinking of adding a lengthy post into multiple pages?
Add <!—nextpage–> tag in the post and WordPress will automatically split it into two pages. This feature is very useful when you are writing lengthy articles and don’t want users to scroll a lot.

Embed Videos, Multimedia, and Videos 

Many WordPress developers in Melbourne are satisfied with this feature as it allows them to embed content from popular websites. All it requires is a URL from the supported sites which will be automatically embedded into your platform.  

Advantages and of WordPress

  1. Simple and easy use
  2. Stable and Innovative 
  3. Attractive design options
  4. Search Engine Optimisation friendly 
  5. Clean Structure
  6. Faster Loading websites
  7. Manage Content easily

What is the role of a WordPress developer? 

The one who creates and implements the website as per the client’s requirements using the WordPress web creation tool. They might be a part of agencies, marketing firms, or organizations. Some even prefer working alone as a freelancer when they have resources that are required for the development. They try to create attractive and user-friendly websites for their clients. 

Some roles and responsibilities of WordPress Developer are:

Manage the Backend Development 

This is the section that deals with the server side of the website which controls the work of the site.  It also includes databases and servers where the developer works on features like security, structure, and content management.

Generate Themes and Plugins 

Themes deal with the display and layout of the page which is usually available for WordPress users. WordPress Plugins are used to add functionality and elements to your website to make it more engaging with the users.  

Monitor Performance

This is very important to ensure that the website is working correctly and providing faster responses. Once you Hire a WordPress developer they can handle the error codes and troubleshoot problems whenever required.

Why Should You Use WordPress? 

  • WordPress is Free: This means that you can download, install, modify, and use the platform free of cost. It has tons of customization options through plugins and extensions. Being an open-source software means anyone can access the source code and modify it as per their requirements. 
  • SEO Friendly: It is written using standard compliance and high-quality code which makes it great for search engines. There are many SEO plugins available in the market for better optimization of the website. 
  • Safe and Secure: The platform is developed by focusing on security measures but as the internet is a huge platform there is always a risk. So, you can reach out to experienced WordPress developers to integrate various tools to make the platform safe from intruders.
  • Multiple-Media Support: It isn’t limited to the written format instead one can handle images, videos, and audios effortlessly. 
  • Flexible: It can support simple as well as complex websites seamlessly. As an owner, you have the freedom to install different plugins or third-party applications to increase the productivity of the website.
  • Optimized For Speed: If you have the necessary tools to increase the response time then it will ultimately reduce the bounce rate. Having a responsive website improves user experience and increases conversion rates.
  • Multilingual Support: Supporting multiple languages means it is easier for you to target an audience globally. Owners or viewers can easily translate the content into their language on the WordPress website. 
  • Simple Integration: Whether it is about the plugins, widgets, or third-party tools WordPress makes it all easy.  You can integrate components easily to make the website more functional and operational. 


Since we have discussed all the necessary factors about WordPress web development, you might get an idea of whether it will be able to handle your business requirements. Get experienced and professional WordPress developers to handle all your queries effortlessly.

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