October 23, 2020

WordPress Development: Helpful Tips to Improve Your Website’s Usability


Launching a WordPress website is a great achievement but people today are looking for more features than just the appearance of the websites. WordPress development services are building a powerful CMS that has been gaining attention from a huge crowd. Usually, people look for attractive websites but they stay on it longer if they find valuable information that they were looking for.

Improve the website performance with these easy tips:

Get the Best Host

Web hosting is very important to have better functionalities on your website. While selecting a web host you need to decide the budget and the amount of data that you want to share on the website. If you have a limited budget then you can opt for shared hosting which means you have to share the space with other websites. The most important part of selecting a hosting plan is the speed of page loads it offers. Before selecting a web host check for its security and backup plans to ensure no data loss in the future.  

Improve Page Loads

Slow page loads can affect your ranking in the search engine as it increases the bounce rate. If your website’s page loads are taking more than 3 seconds to load it may fail to engage viewers and affect your rankings in search engines. To prevent losing customers your page load should be 3 seconds or less as per Google guideline. You can achieve this by:

  • Selecting a faster Web host
  • Using the cache plugin
  • Remove data redundancy if any
  • Optimize the size of images and videos
  • Check for any broken links 

Design and Navigation

Even if you have made an impression with the appearance, you need to focus on usability to avoid bounce rates on the website. Some of the ways to provide easy navigation on the website:

  • Keep the navigation panel on the top of the page 
  • Add a search box that helps in getting faster results
  • Make categories and filters for better search

These small features will make the website more user-friendly and give them ease to access the products and services on the website.

Integrate Necessary Plugins 

There are many plugins available in the market and some owners do stuff their websites with unnecessary plugins. Avoid doing this cause it affects the website performance and makes the website clumsy. Hire WordPress developer as they have the correct knowledge about the market and its requirements. There are plugins to add slider, checkout process, online payments, search box, and many more. The WordPress developer will help you to add selective plugins that are expected by the users or viewers and would not affect the site’s performance. 

Social Media Platforms

Integrating social media into a WordPress website is the most user-friendly way to engage with the audience. Some of the best ideas to add social media into your platform are:

  • Add feature to log in or sign up using social media credentials 
  • Integrate social media widgets to show the latest publication of the site
  • Add shortcuts to share the product or services over social media

WordPress has many plugins that can easily be integrated into the website and increase the number of potential customers. 

Make it responsive

The website should be mobile-friendly as a great amount of traffic is obtained through smartphones. WordPress is a Content Management System, and there are chances that the website developed might not be mobile-friendly. So, Hire WordPress programmers to resolve such issues, as they can easily install some helpful plugins that will make the website responsive to different devices and browsers. Also, ensure to check that each feature and information is visible in different frame sizes to avoid losing customers.

Work on SEO Regularly

If the website is not SEO-friendly then it may be invisible in the search engines. WordPress Development Company can work on making the correct SEO strategies and avoid stuffing keywords into your website contents. They know the recent trends and work according to the SEO guidelines to achieve higher ranks in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) which can result in gaining more attention in the virtual world. Take advantage of the WordPress Development Company and update the SEO of your website with the changing market trends.

After working on these simple sectors you would be achieving better conversion rates through your website. It all comes down to three sections of your website, namely:

  • Design
  • Usability
  • Content

If you are successful in handling these three things then you can achieve all the business goals. Well, the professional and experienced WordPress Development Company will be a great helping hand as they are aware of the market and know the user requirements. They can build the best strategies to get more leads, improve performance, and increase the conversion rate from your online business. If you want to have quality on your website, then you need to focus on each of the above-listed points and track your progress. This will be tough when you try to accomplish them all and might fail in integrating some of them. 

We are here for you, we have the right strategy and team that can assure the best results in the market. We can give you the best WordPress development services in the market and you can look at our portfolio if you have any doubts. Contact us now to get the best services and support from our side as we put our best efforts to make you a happy client.

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