March 27, 2019

Reap WordPress 5.0 Migration Benefits With Few Considerations


The world is constantly making way for new innovations and is moving past the old techniques. Let’s take the example of mobile phones. When they took a leap from normal devices to smartphones within no time, that was a change.

Internet was an added boon, which transformed the lives of each and every person. How? The e-publishers and e-retailers found their way in people’s smart devices.

While we are on the page of changes and innovation, let’s talk about changes adopted by WordPress web design. This top-ranking bloggers’ website suits itself with a new version, i.e.; WordPress 5.0.

Over the years, WordPress has released various versions. In the past 15 years, the platform services were either fixed or upgraded. So, on that account, it would be surprising if WordPress did not release a new version for 2019.

The Prime Quality of WordPress 5.0

As a matter of fact, WordPress is a highly favored content management platform. The well-received platform has been proficient in providing the services that every individual or business entity dream of. WordPress 5.0 is a step for maintaining that proficiency.

The idea behind taking a step towards the new version was to bring tuning efficiency among the block editors. The new version also serves the purpose by fixing 37 phenomenal bugs and adding 7 performance upgrades.

Every new WordPress platform is comprised of a distinct feature, bifurcating it from the previous versions. What’s new about the 5.0 version? It caters the feature of a drag and drop event with Gutenberg Editor.

The Choice Of Migration

The new features of 5.0 and reliability of WordPress seem convincing. But do not get carried away, with every upgrade there will be a set of precautions. So, before you make a choice to shift your business goals onto the new platform, flip through both sides of the coin (read: the advantages and challenges).

Some Master Strokes of WordPress 5.0

Content optimization has always been the strength of WordPress. On that account, the new version further focuses on the transformation of content editing.

In this excerpt, we will show you what’s new possibilities you are going to explore.

Mobile Optimization: The Key Concept

The grace and craze of smartphones are increasing every day. As a matter of fact, WordPress 5.0 has made some progressive adaptations to increase the responsiveness of the platform. The rise of fresh themes and page load optimization will make enhance the mobile experience.

The Task of Image Resizing

Unlike the old version of WordPress where cropping and resizing of the image was to be done manually, the new platform reduces all those efforts of the blogger. As an advantage, WordPress 5.0 allows optimizing the image before the content is published on the website.

Creative Theme Customization

Who said you need to be a designer for building an attractive WordPress theme? The powerful editor, Gutenberg transforms the vision of theme. The block-based editor serves the websites wrapped in a beautifully designed WordPress theme.

The King of All Strokes: Front-end Editor

WordPress dominates the content optimization platforms. As a soul part of the content management system, the 5.0 version is built to improve the flexibility of front-end editor. The website owners will now gain direct access to the customizer framework.

The better version of front-end editor aims to reduce publisher’s time spent on formatting and customizing the content.

Apart from the above features, WordPress 5.0 has minor upgrades with bigger impacts

  • PHP errors are fixed;
  • 15 block editor bugs discarded;
  • On disabling JavaScript a notification light will pop-up;
  • Interface and user-experience improved with new Themes;

The excellence of WordPress web development gave the world a new improved version of the platform. However, there’s a small glitch. You might have to prepare yourself for a few changes that accompany with the 5.0 version.

Shifting the Editors

Until the new version, the WordPress bloggers were habituated with the Classic Editor. The ‘Bebo’ version introduces drag and drop features in Gutenberg editor. To learn the functions of the new editor will be challenging for all the WordPress users.

Don’t worry as it is only a matter of a few months. The Gutenberg editor is easy to use, within no time you shall gain an upper-hand in working with the functions.

Incompatibility of Theme and Plugins

The developers at WordPress have worked hard to create a large base of tools which remains compatible with Gutenberg editor. However, there are few tools, plugins, and themes which cannot be carried forward in the new version.

As a result, you might have to change some features of the website according to the convenience of Gutenberg.

Be Prepared with Data Backup

It is imperative that whenever you shift from one place to another, the belongings are preserved. Even before migrating to a new platform, ensure that you have a proper backup of all the necessary events.

Bebo 5.0: A Phenomenal Transformation?

When you keep aside a few challenges of the WordPress version, the features of this new upgrade are far-reaching than any of the hurdles. The precautions are only designed to enhance your association with WordPress web development.

Impress your viewer’s and enhance their experience with ‘Bebo 5.0’ because such innovative upgrades happen very rare.

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