July 4, 2018

WordPress Security Ninja Plugin – How It Secures Websites


The rise of websites on the internet has lead to new sources of news and content. From WordPress Development websites offering services to those selling products, all of them are at the risk of getting defaced by hackers or otherwise exploited.

The WordPress Security Ninja Plugin is an excellent solution for the security of websites running on the WordPress CMS. The plugin comes in a free and a paid version.

Available in the WordPress plugin directory for download, the WordPress Security Ninja plugin has thousands of active installs and has been tested on more than 5,000 websites for bugs by the creators.

The plugin has been there in the market for 7 years now, from 2011 when it was launched.

The WP Security Ninja plugin offers a great way of hardening the website security through its 50+ security tests and features. It optimizes the database for better query results and smooth performance.

Among the tests provides, there is a brute-force attack test which helps in strengthening weak passwords and make the site brute-force-proof.

The plugin checks for the versions of the PHP and SQL of the WordPress install and also checks for updates to the installed plugins, themes, and the core files.

It helps in hiding important internal site data shown in the metadata and also searches for security flaws in all the file attributes and settings of the installation.

The plugin searches for the security flaws and provides the solutions to them to the user. This helps in ensuring full control of the site owner and the plugin does not make any direct changes. The plugin also comes with code snippets for easy fixes for security flaws and can be applied even by new users who do not have much technical knowledge.

The WP Security Ninja plugin also comes in a PRO version which is paid. It has some additional features like :

1. Malware Scanner – It scans for malicious code in the installed code and files.
2. Auto-Fixer – It helps in the easy fixing of the site issues.
3. Cloud Firewall – It prevents unauthorized access to files and data by outsiders and programs.
4. Event Logger – It logs all the changes for an easier rollback in case of issues.
5. Database Optimizer – It optimizes the database tables for faster queries and smoother performance.

Core Scanner – It scans the core installation files of WordPress for security holes.

There is also a Scheduled Scanner functionality in the PRO version for automated scans.
The PRO version comes in different packages:

1. Single-site usage with one year of USA-based premium support and plugin updates at $29.
2. Multi-site usage with the features and USA-based premium support and updates of one year at $79.
3. Agency Lifetime package with the PRO features with lifetime updates and premium USA-based support.

With the three tiers of pricing, the plugin offers great choice to users and businesses alike and allows them to choose the best package for a better and a safer website and worry-free website management.

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