August 20, 2021

11 Good Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress?


People are looking for the benefits of WordPress before making their online presence through it. Some people get stuck on How to use WordPress to their advantage? It is a significant investment of efforts, time, and knowledge to build a website. You knew WordPress holds 60.8% of the market share when it comes to the CMS market? 

What is WordPress?

It is a popular Content Management System that is continuously evolving in the market. It started as providing support to start a blogging website. WordPress was earlier known as a reliable blogging software in the market. Now, you can create websites with great features and functionalities with minimal technical knowledge. 

Why do People Look for the Benefits of WordPress?

In the online world, it is always better to know what you get in return. This is a vital reason people are looking for the benefits of WordPress, to understand the reason for its popularity. Some of the everyday things you will hear are:

1. It is Cost-Effective 

WordPress won’t ask for a penny whether you plan to have a personal blog or commercial blog. It is an open-source platform that lets WordPress developers customize the platform based on the requirements. 

2. Search Engine Friendly 

It is essential to have a search engine-friendly website to ensure you have a solid online presence. WordPress does not need any configuration, and you can easily customize the theme and plugins to gain better positions on the search engines. 

3. Secure

It follows the proper security measures to keep the data safe from online vulnerabilities. WordPress provides constant updates for the website and plugins. You can hire WordPress Developer to ensure your data is not compromised and faces any online threats. 

4. Mobile Responsive 

Many search engines are considering the factor of mobile-friendly to rank the websites. WordPress lets you sit and relax as its themes are automatically responsive to multiple devices and platforms. It also provides the option to view your website in the “Mobile View” for themes. 

5. Support of Multimedia 

The website will have lower bounce rates if your content is engaging by adding multimedia between the content. You might be stuck on how to use WordPress multimedia? Don’t stress, hire a WordPress developer. They will integrate your media through code or directly. This multimedia can be an audio file, image, videos, or any other form to make your content interesting for the visitors. 

6. Social Media Support 

People can effortlessly get access to your platform through their social network accounts. The platform gives a better interaction for the users by saving their time to create an account instead use their social accounts. 

7. An abundance of E-commerce Solutions

WordPress is highly used to build commercial websites as it has a great solution available in the store. Most of the popular plugins are WooCommerce, Magento, and Laravel. 

8. Highly Customizable 

WordPress developers get the freedom to decide the look and feel of the website. This ensures to build a strong brand reputation and enhance the usability of your website. 

9. No Commitments to hosting Providers 

There is no downtime on the WordPress platform to decide on the hosting providers. This process is effortless, and you can quickly move from one server to another for your website. 

10. Multiple User Support 

You can assign different roles to different people in WordPress development. Some of the common ones are:

  • Super Admin: Full access to the website 
  • Admin: Has limited access to the admin features 
  • Editor: They can publish posts. Also, approve or reject the posts of users 
  • Author: They can manage and publish posts on the website 
  • Contributor: They can manage the posts but need approval from the admins 
  • Subscriber: They can view and edit their profiles as needed 

11. Posts Scheduling 

It is seamless to publish content at a specific timeline. WordPress lets you write content once and post it at a specific date and time. This is very convenient to maintain consistency on your platform. 

How to Use WordPress Correctly?

It is a great tool used to build a website. WordPress has a wide range of templates for your project and online stores. Let us see the whole process:

Select the right WordPress type 

WordPress comes in two versions:


It is a blog hosting provider. It uses as its core. Not only that, but it provides free primary and paid plans for the developers. will give you the domain name and hosting provides, being the whole package. It might not allow much freedom when it comes to customization, and there are limitations. 


This is system software that allows building a website. It is free of cost, but you need to invest in a domain and hosting provider. As a website owner, you get the freedom on the looks and functions of the website. You can customize the website by adding ads, plugins, themes, and more than needed. 

Get Domain and Hosting 

The domain is known as the name of the website. It is the URL of the website, which people type to look for you in the browser. At the same time, the hosting web service will allow your website to store on the server. A little checklist that can help you to choose the website name is:

  • Have more names for your website as there are already too many in the digital world. 
  • Keep it simple to ensure people don’t get confused while looking for you in the market
  • Decide if you want its end with a .com (used for commercial and personal use), .org (used for non-profit organizations), or .net (best for internet infrastructure). 
  • Keep it below 26 characters and follow proper guidelines 

Install the WordPress 

You can do this process through two methods, known as:

  • Hosting Provider: You need to get connected with the best host to ensure your website runs smoothly. 
  • WordPress: This is the easiest method if you are aware of the whole process. You can hire a WordPress developer to handle it. 

Know your WordPress Dashboard 

Once you create your admin account, go through the WordPress dashboard. Focus on the below things:

  • Dashboard: It will give you the website content’s current status and view the actions taken. 
  • Posts: Create, Manage, and Edit the blog posts 
  • Media: Upload, remove, and manage the media
  • Pages: Create, manage, and edit web pages 
  • Comments: Handle the customer comments 
  • Appearance: Work on the design and customize the elements 
  • Plugins: Install and remove plugins 
  • Users: Manage the user accounts 
  • Tools: They will check the website health, import or export content
  • Settings: Update the general settings of the website

Website Customization 

The setting of the website can be seen in the following sections:

  • General Settings: This helps to manage the website title, URL, and tagline. 
  • Writing Settings: You can set a default post category and format. 
  • Reading Settings: Ensure to deliver that what your readers want to read 
  • Discussion: It can change the default post and comment settings to the discussion tab. 
  • Media Settings: This helps to decide the images and organize the files 

Create Content 

The WordPress website has two crucial segments, which are pages and posts. There must be static pages on the website like Contact Us, Home Page, and About Us. Your content must have:

  • Paragraph 
  • Short code
  • Media list

The blocks are categorized into the below type:

  • Text
  • Design 
  • Embeds 
  • Media 
  • Widgets 

It would be best if you made your content engaging and creative to gain more traffic. 

Upload Various Media

Go to the Media tab and ensure to upload images and videos to improve your engagement. This will help to grab user’s attention and avoid the increase in bounce rates.

Select the WordPress theme

This defines the look of your website. You can get the collection of themes in your dashboard under the Appearance tab. You can look for the available themes and add new ones in this section. Install the best theme and customize it according to your requirements. 

Get the right plugins and extensions 

These are the add-ons that help to add new functions and features to the website. You might need to hire a WordPress developer to unlock the benefits of WordPress. They will help optimize the SEO, integrate unique features, enhance security, and many more features. 

You need to get better insights when you are looking for, What is WordPress Development? Let us first focus on the benefits of WordPress. 

What are the Benefits of WordPress Development?

  • The quality of WordPress development helps website owners to eliminate competition in the market. 
  • The platform stays updated with the trends, demands, and technologies. 
  • It has a great collection of themes which gives your website ease of personalization and customization. 
  • There are more than 22000 plugins to extend the functionalities of your website effortlessly
  • WordPress makes it easier to make your website SEO friendly as it has the right tools and resources. 
  • It provides a clean structure that helps in faster loading and a better customer experience. 
  • Admins can simplify content management by assigning great freedom to the authors, editors, and more roles on the website.
  • WordPress users get widgets for plugins, APIs, and social media to connect and share data effortlessly. 
  • It has been the best CMS to provide a responsive website to multiple devices.
  • The Application Programming Interface allows the integration of third-party services to enhance the functionality of the website. 
  • WordPress is a fast and easy process for clients with the help of its resources. 
  • It has a vast community that gives free support and advice on multiple forums. 

Wrapping it up!

I think you might have a better picture now when someone asks “benefits of WordPress” or “How to Use WordPress?” or “Why are people going behind WordPress?

Even then, you have any doubts or thoughts in mind? Reach the best WordPress experts now! We might have the correct strategy or solution for your queries.

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