April 15, 2019

5 Imperative Reasons To Choose Agency Vs In-house For SEO


“ We don’t have a choice on whether we Do social media, the question is how well we Do it”

-: Erik Qualman

Today, be it big Giants or small startups, everyone is busy pushing their online presence on social media platforms. It is no more a conventional game. A single man continuously posting pretty and value-added pictures online is an old story. It’s only the team efforts that help in proving the social media world that “your business” does exist.

Companies generally fail to create an impact on social media because of the following reasons:

  • No strategy for posting
  • No goal defined
  • Multiple and random posts
  • Not giving importance to content
  • Spamming all over the internet
  • Adopting an automated process

Here comes the social media handling digital marketing agency in the picture. The next question that remains is, what would you prefer, an internal team or an external one?

Whatever you choose, the ultimate purpose should be to use the best-in-trend SEO techniques and grow the business.

Both the choices have their merits and the drawbacks, and there is no certain answer to make a choice. You can ask yourself the following question and then decide which one is the best fit for the organization.

Once the answers are sorted, then think of the following factors:

Distribute the resources:

SEO campaigns will require money and time, so you have to decide and breakdown on the resources. You have to assign an employee if you choose the in-house option. You need to pay to the employees working for increasing your online presence.

The cost at times may get higher than that of hiring an agency and paying them monthly. They will maintain the social media presence and optimize the campaign. If you do not have any extra time to invest, this can turn out to be the best option.

Vast industry knowledge:

SEO no doubt is simply selecting the best keywords and making organic SEO services. But an expert will know when and how to use it. Organizations tend to select an agency because it has a team of experts and when experts serve you, you remain at ease. They utilise their extensive knowledge of digital marketing and lets your company grow.

Google’s algorithms change in a blink of an eye and if you are not backed with some best strategies and proper knowledge about SEO, you will be out of the game.

A novice may not be aware of the black hat and the white hat methods and may result in altogether a different result.

White hat technique is more ethical and helps your website grow. A good SEO agency will be having experience working with different clients and also different industries.

Cost involved:

Social media marketing requires a huge investment. If you opt for a third party or hire an agency, you need to pay a good amount. Hiring an employee in-house may be a short term investment initially but may end up costing more in the long run.

Investing in an agency allows you to focus only on your business growth and making profits.

Gives you Team Efforts:

No single person is an expert in every field. A person claiming to be an expert sometimes doesn’t even know what others are doing.

So, if you hire a single expert, S/He may lack in certain aspects of digital marketing. Agencies have a team of professionals who are always on toes to help you with any difficulty. They help in keeping the business-optimized.

It’s hard for a single person to handle all these things and still deliver a high ranking website.

Time Efficiency:

Since agencies have more knowledge on how to use social media to achieve the market goals, they are preferable over hiring an individual. True that a hired person, will have more knowledge about the company and the limitation or the urgencies but S/He alone would not be able to deliver the requirements on time.

It is always better to hire an external agency. The training and the turn over becomes an additional responsibility if you hire an individual. An employee sometimes may be overloaded with work and can be less result-oriented.

Where else, an agency is continuously focusing on the SEO techniques with brand mentions to links and ways for improvement.

Also if you leave your work in the hands of the developer, you do not have to go through the tedious HR processes. Choosing an in-house team may be a good option for small businesses or startups but big Giants should definitely opt for hiring an agency.

We hope these pieces of advice would help you in deciding what your company needs in the first place. With the help of some of the best SEO services in Australia, you can skyrocket your sales.

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