March 25, 2017

Become A Social Media Marketing Expert – 5 Worthy Tips by Expert


Social media marketing is a process through which you create awareness regarding your products or services on different channels of social media. Driving traffic to the website is the ultimate goal of any SEO marketing agency, in turn, building product visibility, and an increased amount of customers.

Looking at the most popular social media networks today, what we see are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram. Imagine, just one Facebook post or a Twitter tweet can turn things around, considering that there are billions of people on these sites.

So, how can you actually leverage the potential of social media to get your products or services sell like hot cakes among billions within few minutes? We have a beginners guide for you.

  1. Pick social media platforms wisely

The first thing you need to learn as a beginner is, rather than emphasizing on multiple social platforms at once, you should concentrate on a couple of them, and try to capitalize on them. This is probably the reason why most of them falter since they fail to make an impact, even though they are using multiple platforms in parallel.

The best way to do an analysis is to find out the influencers and leaders in your niche, and check how many followers they have, telling tons about fan following.

  1. Profile optimization on social media is important

Having a nice profile on social media will not just build your brand identity, but also optimize your business products or services on the web. There are a few techniques to do so such as:

  1. Use a real picture of your own so that people believe that there is someone real person involved.

  2. Write a nice description about yourself and the business, giving users a clear idea of who you are, what you do, and how your offerings can benefit users.

  3. Give a brief about what kind of information people will be seeing on your profile pages, related to your personality or business.

  4. Have your website link present on social media profiles, and links to your social profiles on the website.

  5. A perfect balance between followers and following

People like to see profiles having a perfect balance between who are following and who are followed. An irrational ratio with a wide difference between the two, especially number of following more than the followers, can make things not look so good and unpleasant from SEO perspective.

  1. Content is king and sharing it escalates the overall value

Today, it is all about content sharing. Especially, when the content is informative, creative, and interactive, you are sure shot to get more likes, shares, comments, retweets, and more. Share articles and stories from your own website, statistics, motivational quotes, research, videos, images, and funny stuff appealing users the most.

  1. Do not over-post content, but do post it multiple times

This is a common question asked by most, “How many times should I post on a specific social media site?” Let us have a quick discussion on the precise number you should follow:

  1. Facebook Personal Page – No limit

  2. Facebook Business Page – Not more than 7 times a week

  3. Twitter – No limit

  4. Google+ Business Page – No limit

  5. Google+ Profile Page – No limit

  6. Pinterest – only a few times

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