November 20, 2020

How CRO and SEO Complement Each Other


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization helps in increasing the quality and quantity of traffic into your websites by organic search engine results. Let us look at different sections of SEO:

Organic Results

Advertisements take a significant section on the Search Engine Result Pages but organic traffic is something that you don’t pay for. It is the audience interacting with your website through higher rankings on the SERPs or personal contacts. 

Traffic Quality

If you are gaining traffic through unauthorized mediums or trick to gain PPC services then it is not quality traffic. You need an audience that is genuinely looking for your services and products which can be fulfilled on your platform.

Quantity of Traffic 

Once you have gained digital visibility on the SERPs it will increase the traffic on your platform. The more traffic you get the more profit your business gets.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

CRO is a systematic process used to increase the website visitors by taking necessary actions like filling forms, signing up, or taking your services. Conversion is generally the count of visitors that have completed the website goal which can vary according to the business. 

Advantages of CRO are:

Improve Customer Insights

CRO can help in understanding the key audience and find the best ways to understand their needs. It helps in acquiring the right visitors for your business can be your organic traffic. 

Better ROI 

This helps in getting more resources and where should you put your efforts for increasing the ROI of the business. 

Enhance trust

Build a secure platform for your customers as they will be sharing their email, credit card, and more personal information on it. You also need professionals who are ready to resolve customers’ queries and support them whenever needed.      

Why should CRO and SEO be in a team?

Website development and design play a vital role in these scenarios. There are various services like PPC services, dental SEO services, real estate SEO services, and many more that can help in handling such easy tasks for you.

Let us look at some key features that are important for your website: 

Mobile Friendly

Many elements help in gaining mobile rankings on Google and improve mobile experiences for users. Faster page loads are very essential and handling additional SEO factors to engage them for a longer time.             

Page Load Time

Slow page load can affect the ranking factor which is a bigger problem in CRO. When a user clicks on the website page from the search engine page the page loading starts and if it takes more than 3 seconds user might exit. User behavior can affect the rankings of your website that can be a problem for SRO and affect your SEO too.   

Improve User Experience

UX is a major factor for both SEO and CRO as it is the best way to engage customers into the website. Google has its guidelines to improve business by working on their Use Experience factors. There are some ideas and strategies to improve UX:

  • – Allow guest checkout as many people exit the website as they are required to sign in to complete their purchase. When your website gives guests the freedom to checkout without sign up it increases the accessibility to your products and services.
  • – Manage the site search as it is a valuable part of SEO and CRO. The website must return a result even if they have nothing exactly matching the standard parameters. There is always an opportunity to display popular products or services.  
  • – Improve the CTAs (Call-To-Action) as they are an element of UX and you need some strategies to get them correct. There should be a clear and descriptive which explains what a certain button or action does. 
  • – Google advises that everything on your platform should be easy to understand. Allow autofill on your pages and also use the cached data if possible. 

Update the Content Regularly

You need to change the content as per recent content marketing trends to bring more customers to your website. Content is the best method to bring traffic and understanding the best fit according to the customers is important.  

How will you manage SEO and CRO together?

  • – Create accurate Meta descriptions and title tags depending on what users are expecting from your business. 
  • – The product pages, specifications, pricing, shipping details, reviews, and images all should be optimized for mobile devices to engage more visitors easily. 
  • – Use CRO and SEO tools to collect and analyze user’s data. This will help you in optimizing the platform as per the visitor’s interest and make it more interactive for them. 


In this blog, we discussed the importance of Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization as a team. You might want to get in touch with an experienced SEO Company in Melbourne that can handle the SEO tasks as well as the CRO. Contact Us!

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