January 17, 2019

What Should We Consider While Going For Magento 2.3?


Magento 2.3 is a bucket load of new features and is the latest addition to the Magento 2 series. It fills up the gaps observed in earlier versions and enhances its performance.

The features worked upon mainly in this update are performance, security, and innovation. Magento 2.3 helps the developers to deliver fast and easily on customer’s expectation.

Magento 2.3 is designed to give flawless experience with multiple client engagement strategies. It has many relevant changes that influence 3rd party functionality solutions on your platform.

Let’s have a look at the things we need to consider when going to Magento 2.3:

  • Magento provides merchants with more of User-friendly and engaging page.
  • The customer will visit the page, fill the information required once and the next time he/she visits expects to be recognized automatically.
  • So you need to install a good Progressive Web Application Development software to sync the data whenever required. This facility will definitely increase SEO ranking.
  • Magento 2.3 supports operating systems like Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and similar.
  • Before jumping to Magento 2.3 version, ensure that you have enough memory on your RAM. At least have a memory of 2GB otherwise upgrade might fail.
  • Back up the entire system before installation, to avoid any rollback issues.Opt for hosts that meet the Magento system requirements.

The Magento 2.3 version supports only the following browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer 11 or later, Microsoft Edge, latest–1
  2. Firefox latest, latest–1 (any operating system)
  3. Chrome latest, latest–1 (any operating system)
  4. Safari latest, latest–1 (Mac OS)
  5. Safari Mobile for iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display (iOS 7 or later), for desktop storefront
  6. Safari Mobile for iPhone 4 or later; iOS 7 or later, for mobile storefront
  7. Chrome for mobile latest–1 (Android 4 or later) for mobile storefront
  • Here, latest–1 means one major version earlier than the latest released version.
  • Opt-in for appropriate PWA extensions.
  • If you want to improve service quality, have a cross-channel measurement strategy for the omnichannel web store.
  • Do not install Magento in web server docroot as the root user, as it disables servers to interact with the files.

If you get stuck anywhere during installation while Magento Development, you can go and refer installation roadmap given my Magento itself. They’re easy to use and helps you in quick installation. Magento 2.3 includes some of the latest features that deliver updates and enhancements across the platform.

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