October 13, 2021

How to Build a Real Estate Website with WordPress? Get the Right Methods Here!

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Want to build a real estate website? Looking for the right platform to begin your journey in the digital world? Pondered how to create a real estate website hassle-free? 

We will show you how effortless is the whole process of developing a real estate website using WordPress. You need some knowledge and skills to make your platform functional and user-friendly.

As a beginner in the digital world, it can be a daunting process to create a real estate website. The key is to learn the unique qualities of the WordPress platform. As a WordPress Development Company, we have the right experience to share some vital elements.

What is WordPress?

Around 42% of the web is built using the WordPress platform. WordPress started as a blogging platform and then drifted to a feature-rich CMS (Content Management System). It helps to create any type of website with no limitations or coding. People are highly attracted to its versatility. WordPress is highly efficient in managing blogs, galleries, business websites, forums, directories, e-commerce stores, and more. 

It has two different versions:

  • This WordPress version is hosted 
  • This is a self-hosted version 

In the self-hosted version, you need to get a website host for your website. The other one allows you to focus on other factors of the website, and WordPress handles the hosting service for your website.

Know the functionalities and features you need for a Real Estate Website!

It is not limited to having an online presence. You need to create a real estate website that provides quicker and easier deals for the buyers. Every website needs some helpful tips to increase its usability. 

few vital features that might make your real estate website successful are:

1. Add photos and descriptions 

These two are the most valuable sector for buyers and sellers. Add clear and multiple pictures of your property to make it easier for the buyers. 

2. Searchable Listings 

People looking for properties will explore multiple places before making the final decision. Give them access to your property listing and view your properties.


3. Links 

Make sure that your hyperlinks are working properly and have updated content. If your visitors get redirected to broken links, you might lose credibility. 

4. Make your content readable

We know you might want to experiment with colors, backgrounds, or fonts, but these might be difficult to read. It would be best if you preferred adding light background and dark fonts to increase the readability of your content. 

5. Make it Customer-Friendly 

Think about the customers’ requirements and expectations from your platform. Ensure to provide them with the best features on your platform to look at new properties in the real estate market. Focus on SEO for real estate to enhance your visibility on search engines. 

6. Simple Navigation 

Consumers should not spend much time reaching the target content on your website. Make your search process, contact details, and resources accessible to visitors. There are ways that slow-loading animations, too many links, or distracting graphics can hinder their experience. 

7. Consistency 

You must have the same size, design elements, navigation, and fonts on every section of your website. 

How do Develop a Real Estate Website using WordPress?

Before starting with the development process, you must be aware of what is WordPress development and why people are looking for WordPress developers?

This will give you a clear idea and help you start the development phase without any complications. You need to register for the domain name and select a web host. Once you have installed, chosen a name, and are ready to customize your platform, begin the below procedure. 

Let us look at the process:

1. Pick a theme for your platform

There are more than a thousand options when it comes to selecting WordPress themes. It is vital to choose the right one, as this is the foundation of your website. Some themes are real-estate-focused and have some basic elements to support your business.   

2. List your properties

Property listings are the soul of a real estate website. You need to take a compelling and descriptive look at the properties. The more effort you put into this section, the more leads you will be generating. 

There are multiple plugins available on WordPress, and you can customize them based on your requirements. It would be best if you planned to hire a WordPress developer in Australia to build custom themes that would display your brand value. 

3. Provide an online appointment system 

If a visitor decides to view the property in person, you might let them book an appointment based on your availability. This helps to make the process of selling and buying properties effortless for both parties. There are many reasons people are going behind WordPress, and you will get access to various tools and resources here. 


The famous quote from Moana, 

There’s just no telling how far I’ll go!

This fits perfectly, as you need to create a real estate website and focus on making it better; do not stress about the future. If you have the right features and services, you will get the results. 

What are the Must-have Features of a Real Estate Website?

1. The Website Design must be Responsive 

This means that when you create a real estate website, it must work great on all devices and browsers. If this criterion is not fulfilled, your buyers will be struggling to access your properties, leading to losing potential customers. 

Many search engines have algorithms to check if your website is responsive or not. This factor affects your website ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages. 

2. Social Media Integration 

 To become a successful realtor, you must stay active on social media platforms and acquire potential leads. The easiest method is to stay updated and engage with your audience continuously. Social media helps in sharing images, content, and videos related to your real estate business. 

Also, send instant replies to the customers’ queries and comments. This way, you build a relationship with the customers and provide the best solutions instantly. An effective social media profile can help you connect with almost 80% to 90% of your clients. 

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3. Build a personal connection. 

Identify specific requirements and pain points of your target audience. You must be aware of the motivations, goals, and struggles of your industry. Mention your achievements and experience in the real estate market to gain trust. You should know the right methods of marketing on WordPress to generate leads for your business.


This shows your perfection in the real estate industry and your specializations. 

4. Neighborhood Guides 

Buyers always have certain ideas about the place they want to shift. This is the best feature for a real estate website because it boosts your chances of reaching your audience. These guides will help them picture the amenities and services available in the neighborhoods. You can provide information about the nearby restaurants, shops, attractions, parks, and other places in the area. 

5. New Information 

Add some new information on the website that is significant for the sellers and buyers. Your real estate website will be a source to share the latest news and information about properties in those locations. The website can have tips and advice related to the real estate buying and selling procedure, finances, home improvements, and other informative topics. This will engage visitors for a longer period of time. 

6. Quality Images 

The real estate website acts as a visual medium for buyers. People make certain decisions based on the font, layouts, colors, and photos. It is crucial to perform high-quality photography to convince users to buy the property. 

7. SEO-friendly 

If you want your website to be visible to customers, there is no way around it! Over 90% of the property buyers click on the top results on the first page of search results. The aim should be to reach the top 10 real estate websites to generate better revenue. 

Search Engine optimization enhances your online presence in the internet world. It will help generate organic traffic to the website and boost your brand awareness. Make your website content based on a client-first approach and understand market trends.

8. Add multiple CTAs 

Call-To-Action is known to be the best feature of a real estate website. They will encourage visitors to take necessary actions on your platform. Adding multiple CTAs on your web pages helps visitors reach you easily and quickly. 

The Strategy helps clients who have a sense of urgency. This will not only get you a lead but also increase your conversion rates. Ensure they redirect the users to the correct page to avoid losing potential buyers. 

9. Avoid Cluster Layout 

The main aim of your website is to make their journey easier by providing the correct information with minimal time consumption. Customize your real estate website design to make it clear and provide ease of navigation to visitors. Do not get overwhelmed and add too much content to confuse the visitors. 

The final thought!

Real estate websites are the most changing platform in the world. You need to figure out the best methods to showcase your properties and stay updated with the demands of your niche. There is always room to add a little tweak to your website to stay ahead of the competition. If you feel stuck someplace, Contact Us. Our industry experts have been in this niche for a long time, making them perfect to handle your queries.

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