June 22, 2020


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To be a successful business, we must not only apply the best marketing tools but need to use the latest marketing trends. Online marketing is taking the lead and all businesses are shifting towards the same. The usage of mobile phones is increasing each day, and a smart businessman should make use of top marketing trends to attract mobile phone users. We will discuss some important factors that are beneficial for marketing professionals, app developers as well as all businesses who want to use the latest technology for enhancing their business.

1. Location-based technology

    Location base technology (Source:

Mobile phones make use of technology to monitor your location. Even mobile apps can track you with your consent. When you download a new app, it asks for your approval to know the location. A lot of apps cannot be used to the best of their ability if you do not share your location with them. For eg to use ride-sharing services like DiDi, it is compulsory to share a location without which it is not possible to ride. A lot of apps request your location sharing even if it is not necessary for using the app. They share the data with third parties so that they can improve their marketing plan. For eg when a person walks by your cloth store, the user gets a notification about new arrivals and various discounts offered by you. To create such apps, you can contact a reliable company offering services for iPhone app development in Sydney and Melbourne.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence is the imitation of human intelligence in machines that are functioned to act like them and can be used in tools like problem-solving and learning. Mobile phones are increasingly using AI and some of the familiar features are:

  •   Cortana
  •   Siri
  •   Alexa
  •   Google Assistant

These features are readily available for use on mobile phones. Apart from these tools, mobile phones are loaded with other software like voice recognition so better customer experience and motivate the usage of hands-free. Dedicated iOS developers make use of AI to understand the user about his requirements. When you know the needs of the searchers, it is easy to create advertisements accordingly and deliver it to the right people so that they benefit from the same.

3. Syncing wearable technology with mobile devices

More and more people are using wearable technology today like smartwatches, fitness bracelets, healthcare monitors, and glasses. Dedicated iOS developers develop such features. It is possible to pair these devices with mobile apps. For eg. – JawBone UP. It is a famous fitness band that helps people to monitor their sleep cycles, move, and eat healthier.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality superimposes a computer-generated picture over the view of the real scenery, offering overlapping images. An example of such technology is the Snapchat face filter. We can find this feature on Instagram as well. Dedicated iOS developers use this tool to earn revenue. Some examples of the mobile phone games are Zombies Run, Ingress, Jurassic World Alive, and many more.

5. Mobile devices syncing with homes

Mobile devices syncing with homes

(Source: )

Continuous development of mobile apps by dedicated iOS developers is taking place to enhance the customer experience even while they are at their home.

A simple example is about businesses that synchronize the air conditioning system at home through a mobile app. It is possible to manage the temperatures from outside the home as well.

Rather than installing a central thermostat, you can now manage things on your mobile phone.

Mobile apps are now being used to strengthen home security these days. With the help of apps, a video camera is connected to the doorbell that helps us to keep a watch of the main door when the bell rings. The security cameras can be fixed both inside and outside the house and can be managed and observed from mobile phones.

You can connect your refrigerator with your mobile phone so that whenever you visit a grocery shop you know what to buy looking at the refrigerator. A professional company offering services for iPhone app development in Sydney and Melbourne can create such apps.

6. Revenue from mobile applications

The usage of mobile phones is increasing immensely. The major usage is through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The revenue generated in 2016 was around 45 billion USD that is expected to grow around 190 billion in 2020.

7. Small business mobile apps

Small business mobile apps


Mobile applications were earlier developed for big business houses only. The trends have changed with time and small business houses are also benefiting from mobile app development. Mobile apps are a great way of enhancing user experience and help us to remain competitive in the industry. It is vital to keep yourself updated on the latest development and the top marketing trends if you want to remain in the business.

8. Enhanced mobile security

Enhanced mobile security


People are very reluctant to share their personal information with business because of security threats. They find it risky to share sensitive data through mobile apps. Two main reasons to avoid using a mobile payment app are distrust and security.

To make customers comfortable, businesses are working and enhancing mobile security so that customers do not hesitate to use mobile payments. Dedicated iOS developers can improve mobile security to a great deal.

9. Transportation apps

Transportation apps


Mobile apps for buses and trains have become very common today. Then there are ride-sharing apps like Uber and Ola that people use quite often. There are also apps now that belong to the transportation companies like Lime Bike and Bird. With the help of these apps, it is possible to find a bicycle or scooter. On reaching the transport, you can unlock it with a mobile camera. You are charged for the period that you use the transport.

10. Increased mobile payments

Increased mobile payments


With the improvement in mobile security and an increase in the worldwide app revenue, mobile payments will also increase. Some mobile payments are:

  •   Google Pay
  •   Apple Pay
  •   Venmo
  •   Paypal
  •   Samsung Pay
  •   Bank apps

There is continuous improvement in technology. Marketing trends will also enhance as per requirements and it is necessary to follow the top marketing trends. Your current mobile phone has much better technology as compared to your phone ten years back. It is very important to understand the reaction of the customers to the technology. Once you recognize the upcoming trend, you can plan accordingly to serve the consumers.

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